Updated pine packages available for RH
Posted on: 01/04/2003 06:33 PM

An updated pine package is now available for Red Hat Linux 6.2 - 8.0

Updated pine packages available

A vulnerability in Pine version 4.44 and earlier releases can cause Pine to crash when sent a carefully crafted email.

Pine, developed at the University of Washington, is a tool for reading, sending, and managing electronic messages (including mail and news).

A security problem was found in versions of Pine 4.44 and earlier. In these versions, Pine does not allocate enough memory for the parsing and escaping of the "From" header, allowing a carefully crafted email to cause a buffer overflow on the heap. This will result in Pine crashing.

All users of Pine on Red Hat Linux are advised to update to these errata packages containing a patch to version 4.44 of Pine that fixes this vulnerability.

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