Update for SUSE Linux 10.1 Package Management
Posted on: 06/10/2006 11:10 PM

An update for SUSE Linux 10.1 Package Management is available

If you are a user of SUSE Linux 10.1 you will have likely noticed that the Package Update System is not up to the quality you were accustomed to in previous SUSE Linux versions.

The reason for this is that SUSE Linux 10.1 got a completely rewritten package handling, which offers a multitude of new features necessary in todays world of dozens external package repositories, Add-On products, multiple update sources, remote management and cryptographic repository integrity assurance.

This incurred not just a new lowlevel packagement (called ZYPP) but also inclusion of the Novell product Zenworks in the form of the ZMD daemon, the commandline tool "rug", and the graphical "zen-updater", "zen-installer" and "zen-remover" frontends.

As we shipped SUSE Linux 10.1 we were aware of these quality issues and had already planned to release a online update. At that time we were confident that it would be possible to use all updater frontends to install this update.

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