Unity 8 Desktop Preview Image Available to Download
Posted on: 06/13/2014 04:37 PM

Desktop builds of Ubuntu 14.10 using Unity 8 and Mir by default have been made available to download

Unity 8 Desktop Preview Image Available to Download

From OMG! Ubuntu:
What these images are not is any sort of stable consumer release ready for production testing. These builds are, and will continue to be, highly unstable, buggy and in a state of feature flux from now up until October — and possibly beyond. Anyone expecting a polished, useable or ‘converged’ desktop will be sorely disappointed as the Unity 8 desktop ISO currently uses the Tablet UI.

Work on building competent window management features into Mir and Unity 8 is only just getting underway. Similarly, since desktop-grade graphics chips are yet to add Mir compatible GPU drivers the experience will vary wildly between hardware and users. Virtual machine support is also not a given.

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