Unity 8 Available For Testing in Ubuntu 13.10
Posted on: 08/03/2013 11:29 AM

OMG! Ubuntu! reports that an early Alpha of Unity 8 is available to install and test in Ubuntu 13.10 from today

Unity 8 Available For Testing in Ubuntu 13.10

Unity 8 runs as a windowed app on the Ubuntu 13.10 desktop. This window can be resized, allowing you to switch from ‘phone’ layout to ‘tablet’ layout.

Applications, files and folders all show up in their respective lenses, though many have broken or distorted icons. Clicking on a desktop app or file icon will open it as normal on your desktop. Those for Ubuntu Touch apps you don’t have installed open up image place-holders.

Indicators, the HUD & – for me at least – menus don’t yet work in this port. But, again with the disclaimer: this is very much work in progress. Don’t judge it as a final, finished piece of software.

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