Ubuntu Software Center Overhaul in Full Swing
Posted on: 08/23/2011 11:42 AM

Tech Drive-In posted a quick preview of the new Ubuntu Software Center in Ubuntu 11.10

Ubuntu Software Center Overhaul in Full Swing

Ubuntu Software Center upgrades are happening right now, but we are probably not going to to see the revamped Software Center in action until at least Ubuntu 12.04 LTS release happens. But if you are using Ubuntu 11.10 Oneric Ocelot Alpha release, you can preview some of the changes now itself(simply run the command software-center-gtk3 from Terminal). Here is a quick sneak peak of new Ubuntu Software Center.

Slider has become kind of a norm lately, from Android Market to almost all popular blogs out there now has one. Taking a cue from popular web applications like Android Market, Amazon App Store for Android, Apple's App Store and such, new Ubuntu Software Center has a wide featured-content slider on top. And it look strikingly similar to the one you see on top of omgubuntu.co.uk, among the biggest proponents of Ubuntu in the blogosphere. Bottom line is, the slider looks great. Still no real content is included in the slider and everything looks very unfinished at the moment. It will take time.

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