Ubuntu 13.04 Wallpapers Released
Posted on: 03/20/2013 01:08 PM

The official Ubuntu 13.04 wallpapers has been released

Ubuntu 13.04 Wallpapers Released

The community team for wallpaper selection got together last week #1304wallpaper on Freenode and between us we’ve determined that we’d like to submit the following images as our delightful wallpaper selection for 13.04.

Many thanks to everyone who came to discuss options and help with the selection and in particular those who highlighted that some of the images shortlisted previously might not be the submitted user’s own image and or appear in other distros. Your constant vigilance is much appreciated!

So what now? Well the compressed file has been uploaded to a bug marked against the wallpapers package on Launchpad and this is where Seb, Didrocks and others will ensure that the images make it into the release before UI freeze.

Download Wallpapers - 1304 wallpapers V2 - update.zip

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