TORQUE 1.2.0
Posted on: 02/18/2005 06:44 AM

TORQUE 1.2.0p0 was officially released to the public last week.

The latest release of TORQUE provides multiple reliability and scalability enhancements. Among these are better MOM handling of network and system failures, and improved data management under adverse conditions. For a complete list of fixes and features see the CHANGELOG in the latest release.

Working with partner sites, Cluster Resources, Inc. has also enhanced the TORQUE Resource Manager to provide several workarounds for OS-level client-server communication failures and memory reporting issues in Mac OS X. The latest release has solved all known issues associated with these failures.

Great progress has been made on all fronts and a huge thanks goes out to the many sites contributing patches and suggestions. TORQUE now contains more than 600 contributed patches, enhancements, and design improvements and the contributions are continuing unabated. Testing of this latest release has gone extremely well, and Cluster Resources continues to get a very positive response from all sites and platforms. Further thanks go out to the many TORQUE users who are making excellent suggestions for the road map and helping each other with usage and other issues.

TORQUE 1.2.0 has been a major stability release. If any issues are uncovered, please let us know via the mailing list or Bugzilla. The next release will be a development release containing multiple enhancements in the areas of support for new platforms and capabilities (i.e. Altix an CPUSets), improved diagnostics, and increased usability. (See

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