Tip: Trespasser by DreamWorks Interactive
Posted on: 10/08/2003 05:03 PM

Thanks Dapper Dan for this tip:

The most technologically advanced gaming engine of 1998 will now run almost flawlessly under Linux with the advent of Transgaming Technology's Winex3. Trespasser, from DreamWorks Interactive, ran poorly if at all, under previous versions of Winex. With Winex3 however, you can now play this first person shooter with minimal amount of problems in software mode. Although the game is visually astounding in hardware mode, there are lag problems. Visually, the game is a pure 5 in software, and performs exactly as it does under Windows. The only problems, and they are minor, are with the audio occasionally stuttering. When it was released in 1998, much of the criticism of Trespasser stemmed from the fact that most computers of the day weren't capable of rendering the game in a satisfactory manner. Unfortunately for Dreamworks, the PCs that would do it justice were still a few years away. With the arrival of today's advanced technology PCs , you can now experience Trespasser as it was meant to be enjoyed! Maybe you're one of the lucky ones, and still have an old copy of Trespasser you bought back in 1998 stashed away in a drawer somewhere. If not, it can still be purchased at Amazon.com and other on-line outlets for about 16 dollars. Trespasser is very addictive and the scenery, and sense of discovery will keep you coming back for more time and again. It is only now, that gaming engines are being created that are attempting to incorporate the "real world physics" and technology that was built into Trespasser 5 years ago. The modern gaming industry is finally giving the original DreamWorks Interactive team it's just recognition. In a recent interview with Valve's Doug Lombardi about the features in the upcoming Half-Life2, he stated, "..we were intrigued by what some of the Trespasser guys were doing and we wanted to see if there was a way we could put physics into the game and make it interesting." Transgaming Technologies rate game play under Winex3 as a 4 out of a possible 5. For more information, please visit Trespasser's most active on-line community at Trescom.org.

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