The Road to Dapper
Posted on: 10/25/2005 11:57 AM

The roadmap for the next Ubuntu Linux version has been released:

As of today the archive for development of the next release of Ubuntu is open. Here are some pointers to information about the goals we have set for Dapper, the roadmap, the process we are following to identify and specify features, and the tools we will be using to coordinate and deliver The Drake.

We are preparing for our Montreal Developer Summit, which takes place in Montreal, Canada next week, and where the final list of features and release schedule will be decided. If you would like to participate in that discussion, please read the documents attached to this mail, or the newest versions on the web at the URL's given, and make sure that you contribute your feature specifications and suggestions. Don't mail them to me - capture them on the wiki and in so that the entire community can participate in shaping them, prioritising and implementing them.

Most of these are pages on the web site, or on the wiki. I have attached copies of them to this message and will summarise them below, so that offline readers have them handy.

1. *High Level Dapper Goals: *We have a statement on the high-level goals of Dapper at (attached). In summary: we aim for this to be an extremely *polished* release, on both the desktop and the server. While we will ship the latest Gnome and KDE environments, as usual, we will put extra effort into polishing those to ensure the smoothest possible end-user experience. We will also make server stability and deployment of a new server-oriented Ubuntu derivative a high level goal for the first time.

2. *Planning for Ubuntu Below Zero*. The best place to start is the FeatureSpecifications page in the Ubuntu wiki at (also attached). This describes the process of creating a good feature specification, registering it with Launchpad and putting it on the UBZ agenda. *Please register all UBZ specs by 27 October*. The team will triage and prioritise specs between the 27th and Ubuntu Love Day on the 30th in Montreal.

3. We have a proposal on *changes to the standard Release Schedule*. As Jdub put it, "We want Dapper to be different, so we'll have to think differently about the release". This proposal will be discussed further at UBZ and finalized by the end of the conference, what you'll find on the DapperReleaseSchedule page at is a current suggestion, comments welcome.

4. Final decisions on the plan for Dapper features and priorities will be taken during UBZ, and published through the wiki on a spec-by-spec basis. I really encourage **everybody to participate** through the wiki as we polish the final list. You can see the actual specs being discussed at (again, a copy of the current version of that page is attached but it is changing rapidly at the moment as we finalise the agenda so make sure your own key requirements are suggested before the deadline of the 27th).

Breezy has had a wonderful reception out in the wild. That was in large part thanks to the sheer number of people who chipped in a little bit of sparkle... You all made Breezy a gem. Every time I get mail from someone doing something amazing with Breezy my "Breezy ROCKS" counter gets a bump, and I get even more motivated to build a truly free distribution that I can share with pride and confidence. So I'm really excited about this roadmap. The Drake will take the world by storm.

Be bold. Be professional. Be Dapper.

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