SysCP 1.2.15 released
Posted on: 11/12/2006 07:40 PM

SysCP 1.2.15 has been released

it's time to announce another release of SysCP, named SysCP 1.2.15. This is mainly a bugfix release, so this mail won't be as long as the last release announcement  ;)

We readded a border around the textboxes and also added newlines to the debug-messages in the cronscript-lockfiles. Paging system can be switched off again, webalizer now uses the standardsubdomain instead of the loginname for the statistics and ignores referrers from other domains which are owned by the same customer. You can now see which domains are aliasdomains for a specific domain in the adminpanel, so deleting domains with aliasdomains is much easier.

Thanks goes to Nickola Kolev for the bulgarian translation for SysCP. With this translation SysCP now includes 11 languages which cover more than 25 countries.

Florian Aders has rebuilt our main server to solve the heavy stability issues with trac and apache and Ron Brand integrated all SysCP pages into one identity, which looks pretty nice. SysCP 1.2.15 now contains configuration files for SuSE 10.0. Thanks to Ron Brand and Florian Aders all howtos are now converted in a new beautiful design which integrates gracefully with the whole SysCP homepage.

With this release the debian 4.0 (etch) package will contain several changes regarding the dependencies: php5 and apache2 are default now, but the package also allows other combinations, please have a look at our etch-howto. Due to pending tests and discussions about maildrop the etch package will be updated lateron. Furthermore, all debian packages are now architecture independent.

Detailed information about all bugfixes and features in SysCP 1.2.15 can, as always, be found at our roadmap at

We hope you all enjoy using this new release,
Flo and the SysCP-Team

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