SysCP 1.2.14-rc4
Posted on: 09/05/2006 01:23 AM

SysCP 1.2.14-rc4 has been released

In behalf of the team i am happy to announce the Release Candidate 4 of SysCP 1.2.14, which was just uploaded to our files-server (you'll find the tgz-archive at If no more bugs arise (we squashed so many in the last weeks, see for more detailed information), this release candidate will be the last one in 1.2.14.

In addition, we would like to encourage our multi-lingual-friends to assist us with some translations. To encourage even uninvolved people to help us with translations we decided to make things easier for you by introducing a "Lost-in-Translation"-page where all missing strings are posted. You'll find this page in our wiki at - thanks in advance for your help!

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