swfdec-0.4.2 is out
Posted on: 02/09/2007 10:05 AM

And here is yet another release on the steady road to a great Free Flash player.

swfdec-0.4.2 "Two completely different numbers"
MD5: 851b8891299b68f84dc731441188b261

The major change in this release is switching from compiled to interpreted Actionscript bytecode. This gives better conformance for different Flash versions, more supported bytecodes and improved stability. Another big plus is the improved image rendering. Swfdec renders lots of Ad banners right now. You decide if this is a plus.

swfdec-mozilla-0.4.2 "Kill animals, or else they'll die!"
MD5: 55de4eb6d2b7820c56eac3520c8f1734

Yay, new features. The Mozilla plugin now makes use of Gtk and as such can display a right click menu for your Flash file. And a properties page has been added that allows you to save your Flash file for later watching. Now that's a feature that you don't get from every Flash plugin.

Of course, this is still a development release. But I'm actually confident in using it on my regular browser and letting it loose on all the weird files my browsing habits throw at it.

For additional info, see the homepage at

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