SuSE Linux 8.2 Professional Beta for AMD64
Posted on: 07/14/2003 11:34 PM

SuSE has released a beta of SuSE Linux 8.2 for the AMD64 plattform

WARNING: This is a BETA-QUALITY SuSE Linux distribution and is provided "as-is" for evaluation and development purposes only with no warranties or guarantees about functionality. In general, SuSE is unable to provide technical support for any package contained within this distribution (whether installed individually as an upgrade or as part of this complete set of packages).

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For a default installation, you only needed CDs 1 to 3. CDs 6-9 contain only sources.

Download: CD1 | CD2 | CD3 | CD4 | CD5 | CD6 | CD7 | CD8 | CD9

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