SUSE Linux 10.0 Final
Posted on: 10/06/2005 11:12 AM

SUSE Linux 10.0 Final has been released:

I'm glad to announce the final version (aka the Goldmaster) of SUSE Linux 10.0. Developing 10.0 as part of the openSUSE project with an open bugzilla was a new and great experience. Thanks a lot to everybody that contributed in testing, reporting and fixing bugs, discussions etc.

We've created the following flavors of SUSE Linux versions and installable trees:

* 10.0-OSS - the Open Source (OSS) version (available from and its mirrors):
- i386 (Intel 32-bit, AMD 32-bit x86), x86_64 (AMD64, Intel EM64T)
and ppc (PowerPC) architectures
- 5 CDs for each architecture
- experimental jigdo files to create i386 CDs and DVDs from the ftp
- delta-ISOs from RC1 to the final version

* 10.0 - the retail and Eval versions including some non-OSS software
(available from and its mirrors):
- i386, x86_64 architecture
- 5 CDs i386
- one i386 DVD with the contents of these 5 i386 CDs
- one x86_64 DVD with the same packages as the i386 DVD
- a LiveDVD for i386

* Multi-arch ftp trees that can be used as YaST repositories and come
with debuginfo and source RPMs:
- inst-source: the OSS install tree (on
- inst-source-java: the install tree for Java packages including Sun
Java (on
- inst-source-extra: same non-OSS packages (on

The mirrors are still downloading all the files and it will take a few days until all are synced.

Detailed download instructions can be found at:

Please report all bugs according to

Note that we're concentrating on SUSE Linux 10.1 now. For SUSE Linux 10.0 we will fix security problems and critical bugs only, other bugs might only get fixed for 10.1.

Bittorrent Files

We advise to use bittorrent for fastest download and have prepared bittorrent files as follows:


OSS Deltas:

Retail CD:


i386 Eval DVD

x86-64 Eval DVD

Download URLS for OSS Media

Mirrors are still syncing and might not yet be available. However, existing mirrors near to you can be found behind the new URL, e.g.:

x86 architecture (Intel 32bit) architecture:

For x86-64 (AMD64 / EM64T) 64bit architecture:

For PowerPC architecture:

Delta isos are also available, please read the README inside the directory delta-iso first:

Download URLS for Eval/Retail Media

CDs for x86 architecture (Intel 32bit) architecture:

DVD for i386 architecture (Intel 32bit) architecture:

DVD for x86-64 (AMD64 / EM64T) 64bit architecture:

LiveDVD for i386 architecture:

Boot Image

The boot image for network installationis available here:

i386 and x86-64:


A special thanks to Adrian, Christian, Christoph and Roman for getting everything to our own servers - and to all mirrors for mirroring it!

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