SolydXK SolydK 2013.11 Review
Posted on: 11/28/2013 11:45 AM posted a review on SolydXK SolydK 2013.11 based on Debian Testing

SolydXK SolydK 2013.11 Review

Time to take a look at a distribution that’s yet to be reviewed on this website. This time, the distribution is called SolydK.

SolydK is the KDE edition of a line of distributions published by SolydXK, an outfit made up of an odd 4-man team. For home users they publish two distributions – SoldK and SolydX. The latter uses the Xfce desktop environment. Both distributions began as community or unofficial Linux Mint Debian projects, before the founder decided to go solo.

So SolydK and its Xfce sibling are based on Debian Testing. This article presents a not-so-detailed review of SolydK, just to show what, if anything, it brings to the table.

Let’s start with the installer.

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