SoL - Server optimized Linux Beta Test Program
Posted on: 01/14/2003 05:00 PM

Just received the follow from antitachyon:

Want to test out the new release of the SoL - Server optimized Linux distribution?

antitachyon is now accepting applications of those who want to beta test the next release of SoL - Server optimized Linux.

If you've got a few free hours, and want to be one of the first people to use the upcoming release, just go to the SoL website and follow the instructions on how to enroll.

antitachyon are the developers of SoL - Server optimized Linux. During 2002 there have been two major releases. This distribution is licensed under the GPL. SoL - Server optimized Linux is a free-software Linux system. It is entirely free to use and re-distribute.

Offical SoL website:
antitachyon - Manalo Willner OEG website:

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