Slackware 10.1
Posted on: 02/07/2005 07:01 AM

Slackware 10.1 has been released

That's right, the newest release of Slackware, version 10.1, is ready to go. My sincere thanks go out to everyone who helped out this time around when I really needed it.

Highlights of the 10.1 release include the Linux 2.4.29 kernel (with Linux 2.6.10 as an alternate choice in /testing), X11R6.8.1 from X.Org, Mozilla 1.7.5, KDE 3.3.2, and Xfce 4.2.0. For a complete list of changes since Slackware 10.0, check out the Slackware 10.1 ChangeLog.

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