SimplyMEPIS 3.3 Linux Review
Posted on: 02/28/2005 12:36 PM

Xtreme Resources published a review on SimplyMEPIS 3.3 Linux

MEPIS is the first Linux Distribution that I felt had a chance of replacing Windows. Other Linux distributions just don't seem to bundle immediately useful features (like Shockwave flash, mp3 support, and others) the way Warren does in MEPIS. The installation process in SimplyMEPIS 3.3 is o­n a level with installing Windows or Mac OS, something I've never seen before.

SimplyMEPIS 3.3 is so much easier to install and use than any other Linux distribution I've tried that I don't hesitate in recommending it to anyone. Other Linux distributions have their merits for seasoned users but SimplyMEPIS 3.3 needs no geek degree to install or use.

SimplyMEPIS 3.3 is distributed as a “live” CD – meaning that you can boot from the CD and run SimplyMEPIS 3.3 without installing it to your hard drive. Transparent compression is used to squeeze the contents of 3 CD's o­nto o­ne. Included are simple-to-use tools to install to your hard drive(s) when you're ready.

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