SimplyMEPIS 2004.02
Posted on: 09/20/2004 11:21 AM

SimplyMEPIS 2004.02 has been released

MEPIS LLC has begun shipping SimplyMEPIS 2004.02. This revised version was produced in time to meet a deadline of Planete Linux magazine. It is the first version of SimplyMEPIS to include international support for British, French, German, Italian, and Spanish.

The SimplyMEPIS 2004.02 CD contains 3 new themes released by the MEPIS Beautification Project. It adds support for the nForce2 250GB LAN chip and g++ is preinstalled. The meauto hardware database has been updated. The latest version of the simplymepis package fixes a problem that prevented the MEPIS pool from taking precedence over the Debian pool.

SimplyMEPIS is a complete desktop Linux that fetures the KDE 3.2.3 desktop, OpenOffice 1.1.2, Mozilla 1.7.2, Skype, GIMP2, Xine, and many other applications to give the desktop user everything needed to quickly become productive in the SimplyMEPIS desktop Linux environment.

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