ShaoLin Aptus and Win4Lin Deliver the Most Resource-Efficient and Manageable ...
Posted on: 06/09/2003 11:13 PM

I received the following press release from ShaoLin Microsystems:

ShaoLin Aptus and Win4Lin Deliver the Most Resource-Efficient and Manageable Linux Desktop Solution

(Hong Kong and Austin, Texas – 9 June 2003) – ShaoLin Microsystems and NeTraverse today announced that the two companies have significantly expanded their alliance to deliver a bundling package of ShaoLin Aptus and Win4Lin. It is addressing enterprise customers' needs for highly efficient and manageable Linux desktop system solution, which enables Windows-based applications running on Intel-based Linux desktop with low investment and centralized management.

“We believe a successful enterprise Linux migration strategy preserves an organization’s investment in legacy Windows applications while capitalizing on an easily managed Linux environment.” said Mark Hinkle, Vice President of NeTraverse, “ShaoLin’s Fit Client solution is an excellent way to deploy and manage Linux desktops in the enterprise, ShaoLin Aptus’ integration with Win4Lin offers a manageable path to follow for Linux deployments in any organization.” The package is specifically designed to ease enterprise Windows users' transition to Linux cost-effectively. “ShaoLin Aptus and Win4Lin bundling package is now sell for an introductory special price $195 per desktop until 31 July, which includes one year online support and software update service.” said Sufan Kan, Marketing Manager of ShaoLin Microsystems.

ShaoLin Microsystmes collaborates with NeTraverse to market the best-of-breed integrated Linux desktop product in order to offer customers the crucial Windows applications transfer tool, and target more enterprise-wide Linux desktop deployments. With its innovative “Fit Client” network computing architecture, ShaoLin Aptus enables multiple desktops sharing a single copy of Linux OS, Windows and a set of applications which installed at server over network. It is ideal for large-scale Linux desktop deployment and management by providing zero-administration dataless fit clients, centralized storage and a single point system-management. Users will enjoy the performance and reliability gains when running both Linux and Windows applications on the ShaoLin fit clients with fully client-based computing capability.

The goal of alliance is to further extend the Linux's commercial success from server to desktop by delivering highly reliable, secure, centrally manageable and double OSes enabled desktop environment for corporate users. Additionally, both companies intend to provide businesses the end-to-end Linux desktop solution that increasing the manageability of enterprise desktop, maximizing the ultization of IT resources, as well as lowering total cost of ownership to enhance competitiveness in tough economic times.

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