Scientific Linux 6 Beta 3
Posted on: 02/13/2011 11:33 AM

The third Beta of Scientific Linux 6 is now available. Here the announcement:

We have released the third Beta of Scientific Linux 6.
It is possible that this is our last Beta. So if there is some feature
you think we missed, let us know now

The release is at

DVD and Net Install downloads are at

***CHANGED SINCE Beta 2***
Added "add/remove packages" entry to KDE's menu

Works now

liveusb-creator now has links to the latest SL6 Live CD's

Removed the option of reporting back to RedHat.

Added group "spins" which has the revisor and live packages
Added group "repos" which has the external repos packages
These packages are now available for installing during the normal install

If you are on a x86_64 machine, install the adobe repo, and install
flash-plugin and/or AdobeReader_enu, you will get AdobeReader_<random
language> in addition to what you asked for. You will also get many
i686 packages installed for dependancies.

This is the proposed roadmap. These dates can always slip. We will not
release until we are ready.

RC 1 - February 18, 2011
- All features or programs in release.
- All bugs of previous week fixed.
- Move all references of 6rolling to 6.0

RC 2 - February 25, 2011
- All bugs of previous week fixed.
- Documentation

RC 2.5 - Sometime in the first week of March, 2011
- This is really the release, down to the documentation.
- If there is no further bugs, RC 2.5 images are declared the official
release images.
- If there is a show stopping bug, we will have a RC 2.75

Release - A day or two after RC 2.5 - Hopefully in the first week of March.

Thanks to everyone who has tested and helped thus far.

The Scientific Linux Development Team

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