Scientific Linux 6 Alpha 5 released
Posted on: 01/15/2011 06:11 PM

The fifth Alpha of Scientific Linux 6 is now available

Scientific Linux 6 Alpha 5 released

We have released the fifth Alpha of Scientific Linux 6.

The release is at

DVD and Net Install downloads are at


*External Repo's added*
adobe, atrpms, elrepo, epel, rpmforge
you can add these repositories via yum
"yum install yum-conf-adobe"
which will install the corresponding setup rpm from that repository (in
this case adobe-release-i386) or just install the corresponding setup
rpm via yum
"yum install adobe-release-i386"

*Updates split into Security and Fastbugs*
We were trying to lump all updates, (security, bugs and enhancements)
into one repository called updates. There was going to be a fancy way
so that people would only get security updates automatically and not
everything, unless you wanted it.
In the end, simple is better than complex, so we separated the two.
There is now updates/security and updates/fastbugs like it was in SL5.
For those who already have previous alpha's installed, we made sure your
yum updates will work until you have updated.

*Packages Added*
- perl-Sys-Virt - not really added, but it finally built and was put in.

*OpenAFS fix - sorta*
If you had selinux turned on, then AFS wouldn't turn on unless you ran
/sbin/restorecon /afs
This was put into a trigger script so that it got ran when you install
openafs. This fixes the problem if you install openafs by hand, but it
doesn't fit it if you install it when you install your machine.

If you install openafs during the install, you do not get the firstboot
screen that asks you which cell you want.

If you install openafs during the install, and you keep selinux turned
on, you have to run "/sbin/restorecon /afs" before starting afs for the
first time.

If you are on a x86_64 machine, install the adobe repo, and install
flash-plugin and/or AdobeReader_enu, you will get AdobeReader_<random
language> in addition to what you asked for.


We are planning on SL6 Alpha 6 or BETA 1 to be released Friday January
21, 2011

Expected Updates for Alpha 6 / Beta 1
- We will continue to compare our packages against The Upstream Vendor's
packages, comparing everything in them. We still have about 30 packages
left. We are going to try to finish this this week. If we get this
done, the next release will be a beta.
- Finishing touches on graphics and overall look.
- get openafs firstboot to run correctly. This is going to involve a
total rewrite, so will take longer than we expected.

Thanks to everyone who has tested and helped thus far.
The Scientific Linux Development Team

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