Scientific Linux 6.1 Alpha 2 released
Posted on: 06/24/2011 03:39 PM

The second alpha version of Scientific Linux 6.1 is now available. Here the announcement:

The second alpha release for Scientific Linux 6.1 has been released.

All of the packages have gone through much more testing. There are
still a couple of packages we are investigating, so we are still in
Alpha stage and not Beta stage.

DVD and Net Install downloads are at

Changes since SL 6.1 Alpha 1
* redhat-logos
- Updated anaconda/syslinux-splash.png and bootloader/splash.xpm.gz
- Added the svg files into the source tar ball.

* yum-autoupdate
- Fix a security issue with the tmp configuration files.
Patch provided by Juergen Salk

* report
- Added our changes to the updated report package

* plymouth
- Added our changes to the updated plymouth package

* mksh
- We got it to compile.

* libguestfs-winsupport
- Added. This is for x86_64 only.

* fence-virt
- Had to be recompiled with the old qmf packages removed from the
- Passes our tests now.

* elrepo-release
- Updated to their latest version

* apr-util
- The version we had in Alpha 1 was newer that TUV released with
Update 1. We downgraded it to the version they released with.

* alpine
- Updated to version 2.02-2

* Removed packages that are not in Update1
- The qmf packages were renamed with Update 1. We removed the old
packages, which were qmf, qmf-devel and ruby-qmf
- gfs-pcmk and ldm-pcmk were removed.

* i686 packages in x86_64
- Added several i686 packages that are supposed to be in x86_64,
into the x86_64 release.

* comps.xml
- Updated to reflect changes associated with Update 1.
- Added groups for client-mgmt-tools, identity-server,
high-availability(ha), ha-management, load-balancer,
and resilient-storage.
- Added categories for high-availability, resilient-storage,
and load-balancer.

KNOWN Issues

Packages that built but we're still testing for one reason or another.
- qemu-kvm

DVD Install
- high-availability, resilient-storage, and load-balancer are
automatically selected on desktop installs.
-- already fixed on network installs, will be fixed with next alpha or
beta release.

The Scientific Linux Development Team

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