Samsung Galaxy S4 vs Galaxy S3 head to head and more
Posted on: 04/18/2013 01:02 PM

Here a roundup of today's reviews and articles, including Samsung Galaxy S4 vs Galaxy S3 head to head, Embracing Windows 8 With A New PC System Build, How to Install and Configure a Dedicated PhysX Video Card, AMD Radeon Gallium3D More Competitive With Catalyst On Linux, and Buying Guide: The 5 best and 5 worst in-car tech options

Samsung Galaxy S4 vs Galaxy S3 head to head video @ The Inquirer
We see whether Samsung has done enough to warrant an early upgrade

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Club3D Radeon HD 7870 Joker Review @ Guru3D
A couple of months ago there was this rumor that a Radeon HD 7930 would be released, a slightly slower 7950. The dynamics have changed a bit as there are some selected SKUs on the market that use the Tahiti series GPU (R7900) in the R7800 series products. As such today we review the Club3D Radeon HD 7870 Joker, this is the much discussed 7870 card that in fact has a 7900 series GPU, what now is known as the Tahiti LE. For a fair amount of money this series 7800 product offers 7900 series performance. Armed with 2GB of graphics memory it hits a sweet spot gaming performance wise and to date it one of the more popular products in the mainstream segment. Let's check out the Club3D Radeon HD 7870 Joker card.

Now please do understand that the Joker 7870 is not a Radeon HD 7950. It might use the same chip, but you get less shader processors, less memory on a 256-bit memory bus. It's a weeeeird to explain product but look at the chart below and compare it back and forth, it will all fall into place then.

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ASRock FM2A85X-ITX Review @ Vortez
With the Mini-ITX platform becoming ever popular with builders and enthusiasts alike, lots of people ask the question, does the small size mean it’s not as powerful as an ATX counterpart? Well this is simply not the case as manufacturers have gone leaps and bounds in providing high performing Mini-ITX solutions without sacrificing quality and features.

ASRock are no different in this respect, having released Mini-ITX boards across many different platforms. Today we will be taking a look at one from their AMD range and in particular their latest and flagship Mini-ITX model on the FM2 platform. With the release of the new A85X chipset with more features such as having more SATA3 ports and aimed at those who want to squeeze the highest possible performance from their APU.

Today we will be taking a look at the ASRock FM2A85X-ITX

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OCZ Vertex 3.20 240gb SSD @ DreamWare Computers
Late last year when I reviewed OCZs Agility 4 SSD, their Vertex series was still the highest performing model they offered. The Vertex offered both speed and IOPS that managed to just slightly outdo the Agility series. In what feels like a short time since that review, OCs SSD lineup has re-worked considerably; putting the Vertex as their middle end drive, dropping out the Agility 4 all together, and introducing a new Vector line as the king of the hill high performer.

The 25nm flash chips in the Vertex 3 were upgraded to 20nm flash and the Vertex 3 was re-launched as the Vertex 3.20 to offer performance not far off from the higher end Vertex 4, just at a more reasonable price. I have a Vertex 3.20 on the test bed today, so lets see just what kind of performance you can expect from this now mid-range SSD offering.

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MSI Z77A-GD65 Gaming Motherboard Review @ KitGuru
Today we are going to look at the MSI Z77A-GD65 Gaming motherboard. Its MSIs latest model, targeted at the enthusiast audience, more specifically enthusiast gamers. It boasts an impressive feature set which is specifically tailored for those gamers who want the best possible performance from their system.

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OCZ Vertex 3.20 240GB SSD Review @ Myce
Back in July 2011, Myce was very fortunate to be able to bring you one of the very first reviews of the OCZ Vertex 3 SSD. It was the very first SSD to be launched that contained the SandForce SF-2281 SSD controller, and brought about unheard of performance at the time. SandForce hasn’t updated the SSD controller hardware since then, but has most certainly changed since 2011, as SandForce are now owned by LSI, and the SF-2281 firmware has certainly matured.

While the SSD controller may be getting a little bit long in the tooth, it still packs a mighty punch, as it still knows how to look after its NAND, and it has one of the very best write amplification specifications to this day.

OCZ are never ones to miss an opportunity. Take a mature SSD controller which is known to make its NAND last, and then match that controller to the very latest in NAND technology, IMFT 20nm MLC NAND. What you end up with is a mainstream/budget SSD which can still compete head on performance wise with many of the newer breed of SSD controllers, and at a price point which rivals TLC NAND based SSDs.

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RHA MA450i Earphones Review @
For some earphones are what they occasionally use when they need to and most likely those people are fine with the earphones that come with their device. Others are people who depend on their earphones to take them away from their surroundings or keep them motivated. These are people who are traveling, working out, or are working remotely. They not only want great sound, but also great comfort as well. RHA, a company out of Glasgow, UK has sent us their latest earphones, the MA450i. These earphones feature a solid aluminum design, 10mm Mylar drivers, seven interchangeable ear-tips and a fabric braided cable. The MA450i has also been certified for use with iPhone, iPod and iPad devices so you will be able to make and receive calls.

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Magellan Switch Review @
The Magellan Switch is a rugged, waterproof watch for athletes that want to track their outdoor activities using GPS. It is also ANT+ compatible to even extend its data collection but while it works well at what it is meant to do, it lacks in some basic aspects that should be a given.

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Zyxel PLA4201 Powerline Ethernet Adapter Review @
Whilst WiFi is by far the most popular (and convenient) network in the home, there are some occasions where it isn’t possible to wirelessly connect to devices. Range problems, limited connectivity options or interference may mean that a wired network is a preferred solution. However, it’s not particularly easy to re-wire a house with network cable, so this is where the powerline adapter can really shine.

The Zyxel PLA4201 is marketed as 500mpbs, which is a big leap in speed compared to some of the other devices seen in previous years… although there is only a 10/100mbps port attached to the adapter (we’ll discuss this oddity later on in the review). The unit is IEEE 1901 compliant, so you’ll be able to use this with any other compatible kit – although if you’re starting from scratch it would be worthwhile sticking to the same unit where possible.

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Samsung Galaxy S4 hands-on review @ The Inquirer
Samsung is gearing up for the launch of its thoroughly hyped flagship Galaxy S4 smartphone.

Ahead of this hotly anticipated launch, Samsung brought the Galaxy S4 to London for the first leg of its Galaxy S4 World Tour event, and we managed to get some hands-on time with the smartphone following Samsung's somewhat bizarre presentation.

The first thing that struck us about the Samsung Galaxy S4 is how similar it is to its predecessor, the Samsung Galaxy S3. Given the handset's extended 5in display, we were expecting a much larger device, but in hand we barely noticed a difference between the two phones. The Galaxy S4 is much thinner, though, measuring just 7.9mm thick.

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Embracing Windows 8 With A New PC System Build @ HotHardware
One of the perks of working at a place like HotHardware is that we have access to some of the hottest hardware around. So when I decided to dive into Windows 8 head-first a few months ago, I thought I'd give the OS as much breathing room as possible and install it on a freshly built, ultra high-end rig. Building myself a second system for Windows 8 while tweaking and getting accustomed to the OS's new interface, and whatever other quirks popped up, would help me remain semi-productive before making the actual transition to the new machine.

Before I show you the hardware I used for the build and discuss some of the issues that I had to contend with along the way, I want to be clear that this is not some sort of build guide or recommended spec sheet.

Just because a particular piece of hardware was a good fit for my build doesn't mean it'll suit your needs. Then again, if the hardware I use serves me well-considering the beating I put on my rigs-it'll likely work out for you all, too. So that has to count for something...

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How to Install and Configure a Dedicated PhysX Video Card @ Hardware Secrets
When you buy a new video card that is different from your current video card, usually you have two options: sell the old video card or leave it collecting dust inside a closet. If your old video card uses an NVIDIA graphics processor, a third option is available: install and configure it as a dedicated PhysX processor. Let's see how this is done.

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AZiO KB577U Levetron MECH5 Gaming Keyboard @ Benchmark Reviews
Nowadays, it seems that the term "gaming" is loosely associated with cheap, low quality, general-purpose peripherals. What then separates the notorious gaming-grade products from the rest? Most modern gaming keyboards feature mechanical keys in an attempt to prevent accidental key-presses and ghosting, issues that gamers are commonly faced with. Macro keys are also desired by gamers, especially those of the MMO genre. Fortunately, many of these features are more or less standard on today's gaming keyboards; the manufacturers must now appeal to gamers' sense of look and feel instead. With the MECH5, Azio has done an amazing job incorporating many of the features required for today's gamer. They go a step further by encasing it in a durable, very good-looking body, something that you can tell was intended for gaming by looks alone. In this article, Benchmark Reviews evaluates the AZiO KB577U Levetron MECH5 keyboard's performance to determine if it deserves its gaming badge and is worth your hard earned money.

The Mech 5 features Cherry MX black switches as opposed to blue or reds, which are common in gaming keyboards. AZiO claims that they are "widely believed to provide the best gaming experience" due to their "linear design ideal for rapid pressing [...] and the right stiffness to help prevent accidental key presses". While it is generally agreed upon that mechanical keys are good for gaming, it is debated which types are most ideal: some switches such as the MX reds offer less resistance than the blacks, while the MX blues have a non-linear switch; at some point while pressing, it will click indicating that the key press has been registered. The MX blacks are similar to the MX reds, but offer a little more resistance.

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Blackberry Z10 Smartphone Review @ Legit Reviews
The Blackberry Z10 is a nice looking phone, albeit a little plain. As much as I'm not one for flashy products, the Blackberry Z10 just doesn't stand out to me. It's certainly not a flashy phone, specifications wise though, it's certainly a solid piece of technology. At the heart of the BlackBerry Z10 it the trusty Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 dual-core 1.5GHz processor. While this particular processor may be getting a little long in the tooth, it's still a great processor and handles everything we can throw at it...

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Velodyne vTrue Studio Headphones Review @ TopReviewShop
Following hot on the heels of the vPulse earphones that impressed us last year, the vTrue Studio headphones from the subwoofer experts at Velodyne promise accurate, low-distortion audio in a forged aluminum shell. These unique-looking cans will turn certainly heads in any setting. Let's see if the performance is as noteworthy as the design and worth the $399 price tag.

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Roccat ISKU Keyboard and Kone XTD Mouse @ PureOverclock
Roccat is known in the gaming world for producing some of the top rated gaming peripherals like mice, keyboards, headsets and mousepads. In this review we will be going over three of their latest products: the Kone XTD Mouse , the ISKU/FX Keyboard and the Apuri Active USB Hub & Mouse Bungee. The Kone XTD is the predecessor of the award winning Kone[+] gaming mouse. The XTD maintains its original look and style but with more features packed into it. The ISKU/FX is a multi-colored keyboard that supports a multitude of macros and colors to suit any color scheme. The Apuri USB Hub and Mouse Bungee ties everything together and gives you some added functionality.

The mouse and keyboard are very important pieces to any setup. We use them on a day to day basis for surfing the net, productivity, gaming sessions and more. It’s very important for them to be functional in day to day activities on the computer.

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Gaming Press Release Roundup with Kaeyi Dream (17th April 2013) @
A weekly show covering the Press Releases we think YOU want to know about. This week we talk about Guardians of Middle-earth New, TURBO: SUPER STUNT SQUAD, The Hobbit: Armies Of The Third Age Browser-Based Game Hits One Million New Users and more.

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OCZ Vertex 3.20 240GB Full Review - Vertex 3 Pushes 20nm Flash @ PC Perspective
Today we see a branch from one of those tree limbs in the form of the Vertex 3.20. This is basically a Vertex 3, but with the 25nm IMFT Sync flash replaced by newer 20nm IMFT Sync flash. The drop to 20nm comes with a slight penalty in write endurance (3000 cycles, down from the 5000 rating of 25nm) for the gain of cheaper production cost (more dies per 300mm wafer).

IMFT has been cooking up 20nm flash for a while now, and it is becoming mature enough to enter the mainstream. The first entrant was Intel's own 335 Series, which debuted late last year. 20nm flash has no real groundbreaking improvements other than the reduced size, so the hope is that this shrink will translate to lower cost/GB to the end user. Let's see how the new Vertex shakes out.


Capacity: 120, 240GB
Sequential read: 550 MB/sec
Sequential write: 520 MB/sec
Random read IOPS (up to): 35 k-IOPS
Random write IOPS (up to): 65 k-IOPS

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AIAIAI TMA-1 Studio Headphones With Mic Review @ NikKTech
I've always believed that owning a very good headset is always a good thing since you can use it to watch your favorite movies, play your favorite games and listen to your favorite tunes without intruding on the privacy of all those around you. Luckily most people i know feel exactly the same and so a friend of mine has been looking to purchase an good headset for the past year or so but the catch is that aside the fact that he wants superior audio quality and clarity he also wants it to be small, light, comfortable and to feature excellent noise insulation. So you can all understand that the entire specifications/features combo he is looking for is not something easy to come by especially in the sub USD250/250Euros category. At least that was the case until the exact moment he saw me testing the TMA-1 Studio headset by AIAIAI roughly two weeks ago and decided to spend a couple of hours with them as well.

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AMD Radeon Gallium3D More Competitive With Catalyst On Linux @ Phoronix
With the ever-changing state of Linux graphics drivers -- both for the open and closed-source drivers -- new tests have been conducted to compare the OpenGL graphics performance on Linux with AMD Radeon graphics. In this article are benchmarks of nine different Radeon HD graphics cards when being tested on the very latest AMD Catalyst (13.3 Beta 3) graphics driver as well as the open-source AMD Radeon driver consisting of Mesa 9.2-devel and the yet-to-be-released Linux 3.9 kernel.

The AMD Radeon GPUs being benchmarked today are the Radeon HD 5750, HD 5830, HD 6450, HD 6570, HD 6770, HD 6870, and HD 6950 graphics cards. There were also the Radeon HD 4770 and Radeon HD 4830 graphics cards benchmarked too as some reference points for those with older R700-class hardware, but the AMD Catalyst Linux driver no longer has support for these old GPUs so the only benchmarking was done with the open-source driver.

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Nikon Coolpix P520 @ Techradar
Competition in the bridge camera market at the moment is pretty fierce. It's one of the only growing segments in the compact camera market, as users look for something much more advanced than their phone, especially in regards to zoom functionality.It's a bit of an oxymoron that bridge cameras are lumped into the compact genre when, in actuality, many of them are roughly the same size as entry-level DSLRs. Where the difference lies, however, is in the size of the sensor.

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Buying Guide: The 5 best and 5 worst in-car tech options @ Techradar
It doesn't make headlines or shave off seconds round the Top Gear test track. But in-car tech like nav, Bluetooth and smartphone integration is the biggest differentiator in modern motoring. Here's our guide to the best and worst deals you can buy. Shop around for a 1.8-litre diesel hatchback and you'll find most of the key metrics are separated by a cigarette paper. Power, performance, emissions, passenger space, they're often almost identical. OK, the warranties that cover all that hardware can vary.

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Starcraft II: Heart of The Swarm @ Bjorn3D
Starcraft has been a running for some time now with its most recent Terran based Starcraft II  Wings of Liberty title so we all knew it was only a matter of time until there was more to the story, and today we take a look at just that in the new Heart of The Swarm release.

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