Sabayon Linux 5.4 SpinBase and CoreCDX: Stable Release
Posted on: 10/14/2010 10:37 AM

Two new Sabayon Linux 5.4 editions has been released

Sabayon Linux 5.4 SpinBase and CoreCDX: Stable Release

Directly from our Server department, two new Sabayon editions officially thrown to the crowd!
They are called SpinBase and CoreCDX, but wait, what are they about? SpinBase was formerly known as CoreCD, the Sabayon team decided to change its name for these reasons:
- SpinBase can be used as a base to make new Sabayon "spins", in other words, customized Sabayon ISO images
- SpinBase contains the new Anaconda text-based Installer, which is only suited for empty drives or drives with free space (no manual partitioning)
- SpinBase is very lightweight.
- Keeping the "CoreCD" name would have confused users that can now enjoy our new creation called "CoreCDX".

Besides, CoreCDX is built on top of the SpinBase module and features X.Org (the graphical server) and Fluxbox, our favourite tiny geeky environment.
Shipping with X.Org, also means shipping with our new Anaconda full-blown graphical Installer, like our "Standard" releases.

So if you are willing to setup a new home server or you just want to have full control over installed software on your shiny new computer with empty drives or free space, just pick up SpinBase from our mirrors and enjoy.
At the same time if you intend to build your own Sabayon ISO image using our tool called Molecule (package: dev-util/molecule) following our guides on wiki and example files on GitWeb.
Use the CoreCDX release if you want to install a minimal version of Sabayon in a multiboot arrangement with other Linux versions or Windows. A basic graphical environment is already included. However, no proprietary drivers (such as ATI or nVidia) are included in the CoreCDX version.

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