Sabayon Linux 3.5 Beta 2
Posted on: 03/17/2008 05:12 PM

Sabayon Linux 3.5 Beta 2 has been released

Distribution features:
This is a beta release.
Entropy Binary Package Managing infrastructure (our pre-Release_Candidate binary package manager):
- Sabayon Linux Online Repository Browser now at 6500 packages per architecture
- Entropy Project Manifesto
- Entropy interface has been completely rewritten in an Object Oriented way allowing any frontend to be interfaced easily
- Improved Equo textual client reliability and speed [pre-RC release]
- Introduced Spritz, our Official Entropy Graphical Package Manager [BETA release], featuring Italian, German, French, Spanish, Dutch, Catalan, English localizations
- Introduced the Official Entropy Updates Notification Applet [ALPHA release]
- Added a Package Masking interface (/etc/entropy/packages/*)
- Added a GLSA [Gentoo Linux Security Advisories] interface (accessible through "equo security": equo --help for more info)
- Added a Package Licenses interface (any non-free license is required to be read and accepted)
- Reduced repository database size by a good 90% keeping backward compatibility. Size dropped from 13,5 to 6,5Mb
- Around 900 bug fixed and 120 improvements since the previous distributed release (available Sabayon Linux 3.5 Loop1) [800 commits]
Sabayon Linux Installer updates:
- NOTE: a full packages selector will come in Sabayon Linux 3.5 Loop3
- Entropy interface rewritten to work with 0.12.x branch
- Removed pre-compiled isys module substituting it with our Python-only implementation (called freesys)
- Graphical Installer can NOW be easily used on small displays (starting from 640x480)
- Introduced the XFCE Install Method (Featuring XFCE 4.2.2 desktop)
- Introduced the EeePC/UMPC Install Method allowing you to install Sabayon Linux on a 4GB drive!
- Improved System Upgrades speed and reliability (tested 3.4F to 3.5 Loop2 and 3.5 Loop1 to 3.5 Loop2)
Linux Kernel featuring:
- Extended wireless and laptop support
- Switched from ipw3945 to iwlwifi driver supporting every new Intel PCI-X wireless card
- Added ATL2 Network driver
- EeePC support (experimental)
- Ext4 filesystem support
- UnionFS support
- AUFS support
- Highly Experimental LogFS support (2.6.24-744 patch -
X.Org 7.3 featuring
- NVIDIA: 169.12, 96.43.05 and 71.86.04 - automatic selection - 3D desktop fully supported
- AMD/ATI: 8.471.3 - 3D desktop fully supported
- Keyboard detection is now completely dynamic - Evdev based, any change should be made inside your Desktop Environment. Eventually xorg.conf will be next to be deprecated!
Enhanced Desktop featuring:
- Compiz 0.7.2
- Compiz Fusion 0.7.2 supporting GNOME, KDE, a lot of plugins already included
- Fusion Icon, to enable/disable 3D effects on the fly!
Gaming! Sauerbraten, Warsow, Dangerdeep, Nexuiz, Second Life! included as top-tier 3D games!
GeeXboX 1.1 to transform your PC into a full Media Center
K Desktop Environment 3.5.9 featuring KDE 4.0.2 games
Full KDE 4.0.2 available in our Entropy repository!
GNOME 2.20.1
XFCE 4.2.2
OpenOffice 2.3.1
Elisa Media Center 0.3.4 (fully working!)
SSH keys are now always randomly generated (fixing possible MITM attacks)
A lot of updated applications and bug fixes (all the ones reported have been solved)

Known issues:
No known issues at release time.

Sabayon Linux 3.5 Beta 2

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