S-Lang Gtk 0.5.18 released
Posted on: 02/20/2007 11:58 AM

Version 0.5.18 of SLgtk is now available at


In addition to bugfixes, the release:

- Updates imdisplay to: support scaling/flipping/flopping of composite image at launch, more intelligently manage screen real estate via window chaining, and include online help.

- Includes gPrompt, a lightweight terminal-like widget with an embedded S-Lang prompt, scrolling output, and a simple history mechanism. gPrompt facilitates the complementary use of a GUI interactive command line within a single application process, without resorting to the complexity of multithreading.

- Provides Gtk 2.10.9 support, including binaries for i686 Linux and Mac OS/X (both PowerPC and Intel).

- Bundles TESS [The (Te)st (S)ystem for (S)Lang] version 0.3.0, to reduce by one the dependencies for end-user regression testing.

Additional background info on S-Lang and SLgtk is given below.

Michael S. Noble


The S-Lang interpreter provides a scripting environment well-suited for scientific and engineering tasks, due to the fast and powerful vectorized numerical capabilities that are native to the language.

SLgtk augments the core numerical strengths of S-Lang by making it possible to quickly construct sophisticated graphical interfaces from relatively simple, and highly portable, scripts. One example is the "VWhere," a tool for visual data mining and correlation, described in


Two others are the volview 3D volume visualizer described at


and the lightweight imdisplay rendering tool described at


Imdisplay allows an effectively unlimited number of images to be easily stacked into a composite image. Transparency is respected, in the sense that if any input image contains an alpha channel then the rendered result will, too, and be suitably blended. A wide variety of file formats are supported on input, including raw S-Lang arrays, FITS, JPEG, PNG, GIF, XPM, TIFF, and animations. The rendered result may also be saved to a variety of formats, including JPEG, PNG, and FITS.

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