Release notes for FC4 erratum
Posted on: 06/20/2005 05:50 PM

An announcement from Karsten Wade:

Fedora Core 4 features release notes written using a new procedure and featuring many new details:

These are updated release notes that mainly fix layout/formatting issues that weren't critical for release are worth the fix in an errata.

* "New in Fedora Core" section added
* First release notes from the Fedora Documentation Project (FDP)
* Written by multiple authors covering different beats
* Evolving content organization

We are looking for more release notes writers for FC5 and beyond.

This is an excellent chance to get close to a technology you are interested in. As the beat writer for a section of the notes, you become the person who speaks for the developers during release.

For more information visit:

Thanks to the FDP steering committee members who filled in the writing gaps for this release. Now it is time to pass on the quill.

- Karsten

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