Rekall 2.3.1
Posted on: 08/13/2004 11:44 AM

Release 2.3.1 of Rekall, the database front end for KDE (and QT) is now available

This is a development version. Following the example of those wiser than myself, the 2.3.x releases will be development code (2.2.x and, sometime, 2.4.x, will be stable releases).

There are a couple of build changes. Firstly, I have finally had it with AutoTools hell, and have moved to Scons ( as the build system. Secondly, this release does not have an embedded copy of SIP, you will to install for your distribution. Oh, and Rekall 2.3.1 needs QT3.1.x and preferably 3.2.x. Plus, this release should build QT-only as well as for KDE.

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