Rekall 2.2.4
Posted on: 06/26/2005 06:06 AM

Rekall version 2.2.4, the latest stable version of Rekall is now available from the URLs below. Please use the second URL if your browser cannot cope with the RekallRevealed web site.

Rekall is a database front end in the sense that MS Access is (or KNoda or Kexi). Rekall includes:

* GPL'd rivers for MySQL, PostgreSQL and for XBase (DB4) files (via the XBSQL wrapper library).
* Read-only driver for DBTCP (
* Table design and data access
* Graphic form, reports and query design and execution
* Database import/export via a generalised "copier"
* Fully scriptable using Python with built-in debugger
* Ability to construct reusable components for forms and reports
* Basic database dumping and loading

Changes since 2.2.3:

* Various bug fixes
* Basic support for label printing
* Better date decoding (can reverse strftime style formatting)

This tarball has been build on

* Fedora core 2/3
* Mandrake 100/101
* Redhat 9
* Suse 91/92/93

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