regexxer 0.9
Posted on: 02/20/2007 12:00 PM

After more than two years of waiting, regexxer 0.9 is now available

(Note that due to a outage, the website hasn't been updated for the release yet.)


* Command line option support
* Icon theme support
* Now builds a working executable on systems with newer libglade
* New GTK+ file chooser button
* Replaced about dialog with stock GTK+ one
* Completely revamped build system
* Lots of new translations: bg ca dz es eu fi fr hu ne pa pl sl sr sr@Latn uk vi zh_CN zh_HK zh_TW
* Other minor cleanups and fixes


About regexxer

regexxer is a nifty search/replace tool for the desktop user. It features recursive search through directory trees and Perl-style regular expressions (using libpcre).

regexxer is written in C++ and uses gtkmm (the C++ wrapper for GTK+) for the GUI. The user interface is similar to the project-wide search and replace dialog in the Sniff+ IDE, but regexxer aims to surpass it.

The primary audience of this tool are Linux/Unix users who are tired of typing find/grep/sed/awk/perl command lines.


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