regexxer 0.8
Posted on: 07/10/2004 06:51 AM

regexxer 0.8 has been released

regexxer is a nifty search/replace tool for the desktop user. It features recursive search through directory trees and Perl-style regular expressions (using libpcre).

regexxer is programmed in C++ and uses gtkmm (the C++ wrapper for GTK+) for the GUI. The user interface is similar to the project-wide search/replace dialog in the Sniff+ IDE, but regexxer aims to surpass it.

The primary audience of this tool are Linux/Unix users who are tired of typing find/grep/sed/awk/perl command lines.


* port to new API of sigc++ 2, gtkmm 2.4 and gconfmm 2.6
* now using libglademm to load the UI at runtime from glade XML files
* polished UI: new GTK+ file chooser, Edit menu, and more
* bugfixes, bugfixes, bugfixes
* more translations: cs en_CA en_GB it ja nl pt pt_BR sv

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