Red Hat Application Build Environment (ABE) Beta
Posted on: 01/21/2005 06:20 PM

Red Hat has released a beta of the Application Build Environment for Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Red Hat's Application Build Environment (ABE) Beta is software that makes it easy for developers to build an application for any version of Red Hat Enterprise Linux, and to test both the deployment and functionality of the resulting build across a wide range of Red Hat Enterprise Linux versions.

Some benefits of the Application Build Environment include:

* When installed, it has the option to create build environments for all Red Hat Enterprise Linux releases and each update version
* Initially supports both the x86 and x86_64 platforms
* Enables developers to create software in a build environment of choice
* Allows developers to run tests on software in the various environments
* Builds environments for multiple Red Hat Enterprise Linux variants
without interfering with developer's system(s)
* Offers a more integrated view of the Red Hat Enterprise Linux family by requiring one machine across releases
* Provides documentation with detailed installation and configuration guide

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