Puppy version 1.0.3 released
Posted on: 06/09/2005 10:16 AM

Puppy version 1.0.3 has been released

The live-CD is file puppy-1.0.3-mozilla.iso and is 60.4M. Release notes:

* We wanted a calendar and appointment program that is compact, easy to use, powerful and not tied to just one browser suite. We found ical.
* Puppy now has the full Bash, but Busybox Ash is still retained. Also, the full cp, mkdir and mv replace the Busybox versions.
* There is a great little file find application called Gtkfind. This complements the existing Gtkcat which is more of a disk/CD cataloger.
* Puppy live-CD now has WvDial version 1.42. These are two little analog modem utilities, a dialer wvdial and a detection program wvdialconfig. Go to the Puppy Help menu for documentation. Later I plan to integrate wvdialconfig into the Modem Wizard, in particular for its automatic determination of modem initialisation string -- this feature can help you if Gkdial won't dial-out. See notes below.
* The Mozilla suite is now version "1.8beta1.3" and does not have the Calendar module (which wasn't working properly anyway).
* Puppy has moved back, from a 2.6 kernel to a 2.4 kernel (now using 2.4.27, the same as used in Puppy 1.0.1). The reasons are explained below.
* MULTI-SESSION CD: Support for the multi-session live-CD is improved. This enables you to boot from CD, run totally in RAM then save everything back to CD, no hard drive required. What you have to do is burn puppy-1.0.3-mozilla.iso as multi-session. Instructions to do this (and explanation about the multisession CD) are given here. Then, the first time booting, a menu will appear and press the "5" key then ENTER key, within the 10 second timeout. Option 5 does not appear on the boot menu. On subsequent boots, just accept the boot menu default (which is option 1).
* Printing is still a problem with Abiword. I went through a process of upgrading AFPL Ghostscript and Gimp-Print-IJS to latest versions, which fixed some things, broke others. So back on the previous versions. Printing is going to be totally overhauled soon. See note on printing below.
* Keyboard bindings for MP console text editor have been improved.
* UPGRADING: As usual, very simple. If you have already been using an earlier version of Puppy, just bootup the latest live-CD, and that's it, you've upgraded. If you have installed Puppy to USB Flash drive or hard drive, run the appropriate install script again (found in the Setup menu) and choose "Upgrade" rather than "New installation". Be sure to run the CD/DVD drive Wizard and make sure that SCSI-emulation of the burner drive is turned on, if you want to burn CDs/DVDs.


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