Puppy version 1.0.1
Posted on: 04/11/2005 02:36 PM

A new version of Puppy Linux is available

Puppy version 1.0.1 released. The live-CD is 60.2M. Puppy enthusiasts on the Forum have been reporting extreme delight with v1.0.1rc1, and I am now pleased to announce the official release. Release notes:

* Package managers, PupGet and DotPup. These are wonderful to use, allowing very easy installation and removal of packages. See notes further down.
* The full Mozilla suite, version 1.8b1.1, with Navigator, Composer, Mail/News, Addressbook, Calendar, and the Gxine and Macromedia Flash plugins. This new version is very fast.
* Lots of little bug fixes.
* If you have been testing version 1.0.1rc1, please edit /etc/puppyversion and change it from "101" back to "100", without <ENTER> on end of line. Also, as a precaution, please uninstall any packages installed by PupGet and completely erase all files in /root/.usr. This will ensure a correct upgrade.

There is no new version of the multi-session CD yet, it is still at v1.0.0alpha2. The Puppy download site has an upgrade for Puppy Unleashed from v1.0.0 to v1.0.1.

This time I have not uploaded various "flavours" of Puppy -- if anyone wants a special flavour, the way to go is obtain Puppy Unleashed and build your own. The special "128ram" flavour, with usr_cram.fs inside image.gz, can be built from Unleashed or the remaster-CD script can be run from the released live-CD Puppy to create it. For the Opera flavour, it also can be built from Unleashed, or the Opera package can be downloaded with PupGet.

Note, it is intended that the focus of attention for the next version will be on wireless networking, updating some of the applications, and a kernel upgrade ...but with the Puppy project, who knows what will be the next surprise? I would like to apply the Alsa sound to Puppy -- is there anyone with knowledge of Alsa on the 2.4 kernel who might be interested? -- I have compiled the Alsa modules and support utilities but got no further.


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