Puppy version 0.9.9
Posted on: 02/22/2005 04:06 PM

Puppy Linux version 0.9.9 has been released

There are now three live-CD flavours to choose from -- the live-CD ISO file with Firefox is 52.4M, with the full Mozilla suite is 55.3M, and with Opera is 49.6M. Release notes:

* Puppy live-CDs are now built from Puppy Unleashed, which is a collection of packages and a build script. Unleashed is a separate product and is announced below.
* The Mozilla flavour of Puppy is version 1.7.5 and is the full suite, including Composer HTML editor, Calendar, Addressbook, and Mail News. The Macromedia Flash player is also included in the ISO (note, the other flavours require the Flash player to be downloaded separately).
* Puppy now has his very own wiki, called DidiWiki, with inbuilt HTTP server. DidiWiki is executed right off the "Information managers" menu for local use, but can also be used over a network.
* uXplor is a two-pane Windows Explorer clone, to help refugees from MS Windows feel at home. Not as fully-featured though. We would like feedback on uXplor, as if it turns out to be basically good we might do some work on it.
* guiTAR is another frontend to tar, gzip, bzip2, and zip. Puppy already had TkZip and Xtar. Note, there is another pending product called Xzip. At this stage we are evaluating them and maybe will only have two of the best in the next release of Puppy.
* mtPaint has been upgraded to version 0.50. This is a fantastic little paint program.
* Puppy has finally become window manager independent. The live-CDs include two window managers, Fvwm95 and JWM, and it is very easy to flip between them, via the "Shutdown" menu. If you want to use Fluxbox or IceWm, see the Forum.
* To help window manager independence, GUI tools are being developed that will work on any window manager. Currently there are GUIs for setting the desktop image or solid color, and Gxset for setting mouse, keyboard, font, and screen parameters.
* The utility program cfdisk has been added, and a Pdisk, a GUI frontend to fdisk and cfdisk has been created.
* We finally seem to have PCMCIA (CardBus) autodetection and configuration at bootup working reasonably well.
* The libhardware database has been expanded, meaning that more kernel driver modules are auto-detected at bootup, which means that more sound, network and usb hardware will work.
* Puppy has the full standard Xine library for playing audio and video. The BBC Internet radio stations offer a choice of Real Player or Windows Media streaming audio, and the latter worked with Puppy, the former had an error message about "missing cook.so.6.0". This is now fixed.
* The Roaring Penguin PPPOE console tools were working. Maybe now the GUI frontend, executed off the "Network" menu, will now also work.
* DVD drive auto-detection at bootup has been improved. Also, the CD-burner Wizard has been revamped to configure both CD and DVD drives and is now called the CD/DVD drive Wizard.
* There are numerous little bug fixes and improvements "under the hood". One that many people have been waiting for -- scroll-wheel mice now work properly. The remaster-cd script is much improved. Power-down now works much better -- my PCs actually do turn off. Read down this page to find out about more improvements.


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