PunBB 1.0 RC 1
Posted on: 03/17/2003 10:34 PM

A new open source forum software has been released. Thanks JenzA.

This time is somewhat different though - PunBB 1.0 is now in feature freeze (_really_). Any changed made to the 1.0 code from now on will be bug fixes and other small tweaks. News this time around:

- Pun is now officially called PunBB.
- Titles! Yeah, I gave up :-)
- Report handling. PunBB now has a post/topic report handling system built in.
- More customizable tempates. See include/template/.
- Changed how moderators are added to different forums. It's now done in the moderators profile instead of admin/forums.
- Removed alerts from the admin interface. Alerts are now sent by e-mail only.
- Simplified registration form.
- Renamed PunTags to BBCode.
- Removed "phone home" feature from the install script.
- New coding standard, variable naming scheme and indent style.
- XSS security fixes.
- Lots of small tweaks and fixes.

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