Proxmox Updates
Posted on: 06/15/2011 11:04 PM

The following updates has been released for Proxmox: KVM 0.14.1, vzctl 3.0.27, and vzdump 1.2-13

Proxmox Updates

We just released some new packages to the stable repository, most important the latest stable KVM 0.14.1 which is mainly a bug fix release. A big thanks to all beta testers!

Release notes:

- ksm-control-daemon (1.0-6)
add runlevel 2 to LSM header (init script)
- pve-manager (1.8-18)
updated japanese translations
- pve-qemu-kvm (0.14.1-1)
update to upstream 0.14.1
- vzctl (3.0.27-1pve1)
update to upstream vzctl-3.0.27
- vzdump (1.2-13)
remove OpenVZ --skiplock flag

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