Professional Apache Tomcat
Posted on: 10/18/2002 12:15 AM

Just received the follow press release from Wrox:

Announce - Professional Apache Tomcat -ISBN 186100773 released by Wrox Press Ltd

From the Publisher
This book is for professionals working with Java web applications. It assumes a certain knowledge of the JSP and Servlet technologies, but only from an administrator's point-of-view. Knowledge of databases, XML, HTML, networking, and general administrative techniques is also assumed.

About the Author
Sing Li has grown up with the Microprocessor and the Internet revolution. For two decades, Sing has been an active author, consultant, instructor, entrepreneur, and speaker. His wide-ranging experience spans distributed architectures, web services, multi-tiered server systems, computer telephony, universal messaging, and embedded systems. Sing has been credited with writing the very first article on the Internet Global Phone, delivering voice over IP long before it became a common reality. Sing has participated in several Wrox projects in the past, has been working with (and writing about) Java, Jini, and JXTA since their very first available releases, and is an active evangelist for the unlimited potential of P2P technology.

Before graduating from High School, Ben Galbraith was hired by a major Silicon Valley computer manufacturer to develop Windows-based Client-server applications with international deployments and hundreds of users. In 1995, Mr. Galbraith began developing for the web and fell in love with Unix, vi, and Perl. After building countless web applications with Perl, Ben discovered server-side Java in 1999 and his relationship with Perl has since become somewhat estranged. Mr. Galbraith is presently a consultant in Provo, Utah. He regularly lectures, evangelizes, and gives classes on Java technology. Ben has no college degree but if he had the time he would study both ancient and modern history.

Vivek Chopra has eight years of experience in software design and development, the last two years of which have been in web services and various XML technologies. He is the co-author of Professional ebXML Foundations and Professional XML Web Services (both from Wrox Press). He is also a committer for UDDI4J, an open source Java API for UDDI. His other areas of experience and interest include compilers, middleware, clustering, GNU/Linux, and mobile computing. He is currently consulting in the domain area of web services. Vivek holds a Bachelor's degree in Electronics and a Master's in Computer Science, both from Pune University, India.

Debashish Bhattacharjee is a principal consultant with the Management Consulting Services unit of PriceWaterhouseCoopers. He has 10 years of experience implementing projects for Fortune 500 clients in the United States and Canada. His areas of expertise are systems integration and project management. He has served as chief architect and led technical teams tasked with the implementation of e-commerce applications, portal implementations, web infrastructure, ERP, and client-server applications. In his role as consultant, Debashish is often responsible for advising clients on best practices and the adoption of technology. He is the published author of several industry articles.

Sandip Bhattacharya is an open source enthusiast and an active participant in various Open Source communities in India, especially his local LUG -Indian Linux Users Group, Delhi(ILUGD). He has been programming right from his school days in 1991, and some minor distractions like an engineering degree in Textile technology and an MBA in marketing notwithstanding, has remained true to the field. He has been professionally involved in open source based technologies for the past three years. He is currently a freelance programmer and consults businesses on ways to use the open source revolution to their advantage.

Chad Fowler is CTO of GE Appliances' Bangalore, India. For the past four years, he has been an active advocate of open source Java technologies in the enterprise, revolving around the Enhydra suite of software. Driven into software development by a less-than-healthy addiction to the video game "Doom", he dropped his professional music career and never looked back. His current interests focus on the Ruby programming language, learning the Hindi (spoken/written--not programming) language, and Agile Software Development methodologies.

Table of Contents
Chapter 1: Apache and Jakarta Tomcat
Chapter 2: JSP and Servlets
Chapter 3: Tomcat Installation
Chapter 4: Tomcat Architecture
Chapter 5: Basic Configuration
Chapter 6: Web Application Administration
Chapter 7: Manager Configuration
Chapter 8: Advanced Standard Features
Chapter 9: Class Loaders
Chapter 10: HTTP Connectors
Chapter 11: Connectors
Chapter 12: The WARP Connector
Chapter 13: The AJP Connector
Chapter 14: IIS
Chapter 15: JDBC
Chapter 16: Security
Chapter 17: Additional Uses for Ant
Chapter 18: Log4J
Chapter 19: Shared Tomcat Hosting
Chapter 20: Server Load Testing

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