Pimp your Ubuntu Salamander: 12.7 essential tips
Posted on: 11/23/2013 11:52 AM

Dedoimedo posted some essential tips and tricks to enhancing the default Ubuntu desktop experience, including installation of proprietary graphics drivers, Skype, Steam, GIMP, VLC, Unity Tweak, new icons and themes, Cinnamon desktop environment replacement, privacy options, many other resources, and more

Pimp your Ubuntu Salamander: 12.7 essential tips

The reason I chose a non-integer number in my title is because I'm special. Everyone has their X best things to do after installing Ubuntu, and even I did a parody spinoff on that some time back. The truth is, you don't need anything. But.

If you feel like slightly improving the quite solid vanilla experience offered by Ubuntu 13.10, you have come to the right place. Papa Dedo is going to show you a handful of useful, some more, some less trivial, tricks that should enhance your Salamander flavor. Now, without further ado, let's climb up the numerical ladder.

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