PHP Accelerator 1.3.3 Released
Posted on: 09/29/2002 12:57 PM

PHP Accelerator 1.3.3 has been released:\"The ionCube PHP Accelerator is an easily installed PHP Zend engine extension that provides a PHP cache, and is capable of delivering a substantial acceleration of PHP scripts without requiring any script changes, loss of dynamic content, or other application compromises.\Unlike scripting languages such as Microsoft ASP1, compilation of any unchanged scripts is entirely eliminated when PHPA is installed, and so a typical PHP request incurs no compilation overhead at all.\PHPA is free, and not only the top performing non-commercial solution of its kind, but also a match for the commercial alternatives. Delivering typically up to a 5 times speed gain and with a near 10 times speed-up measured with some Smarty based applications, sites such as Yahoo! have found PHPA to be the ideal PHP script caching solution. The testimonials give some user reactions to PHPA."\Download

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