PHP Accelerator 1.3.2 Revision 2
Posted on: 08/06/2002 11:43 AM

Nick Lindridge has released PHP Accelerator 1.3.2 Revision 2:

What's new in revision 2:

Most notably, shm_user and shm_group no longer need to be set. In fact you should probably not set them as they'll now be picked up automatically from apache. shm_user and shm_group as ini settings still exist, and take priority over the apache settings.

Each library now contains strings that identify the version, and are exposed by running the strings program on the library. This is of little interest, but may be useful if you're not sure exactly what you have. The strings are prefixed by 'built:', 'version:', 'target os:', 'php version:'

Each release now has two shared libraries. A regular .so and an 'untuned' library. With the 1.3.1pre releases I started producing tuned libraries. These are optimised (different to compiler optimisation) to give potentially better performance and utilisation of CPU resources. However there's a slim chance that these libraries will not load on some peoples platforms. I had no reports of problems with 1.3.1 so it's unlikely, but the untuned library is included just in case. If a library is incompatible it will most likely not load and give link errors.

The builds for 1.3.2 before today are semi-tuned, so the tuned version in the latest libs may be marginally faster. It will depend on platform as to whether there's any noticable difference. I've updated the linux builds on the site, and the freebsd and openbsd ones will follow shortly.


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