PHP 4.3.6 for RHEL3/Fedora systems
Posted on: 04/17/2004 06:38 AM

Geoffrey Pan of CheetaWeb has released PHP 4.3.6 package for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3 and Fedora Core 1

We are pleased to make available packages for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3/ Fedora Core 1 with mcrypt, mhash, and imagick support.

These packages are also compatible with Ensim 3.7

If upgrading to this version from a prior RPM set; you may need to uninstall and remove libmhash2 (and devel), libmcrypt (and devel) packages as we now use the dag repository packages to support these RPM's - these are at

Installation is via rpm -Fvh *.rpm (after downloading it to a new folder).

If you need any of the extensions please make sure that you have the needed dependancies installed first.

Download for RHEL 3 (MySQL 3.23.58)
Download for RHEL 3 (MySQL 4.0)
Download for Fedora Core 1

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