Pear OS Linux Panther v3.0 - Not impressed
Posted on: 01/22/2012 11:48 AM

Dedoimedo takes a look at Pear OS Linux Panther v3.0

Pear OS Linux Panther v3.0 - Not impressed

Like Kororaa, Pear OS came up on my TODO list following a squall of emails. All right, let's take a look, me says. Indeed, the prospect is promising. Pear OS is based on the latest Ubuntu, which is quite neat. However, it tries to do even more. Challenge legal issue by using yet another bitten fruit as its logo, use the top panel contextual reveal-as-needed menu and a bottom dock much alike the copycatted operating system in question. And you still get the Gnome Shell underneath, plus supposedly tons of usability, a unique branding, and an app store.

Now I promised not to test any more Gnome 3.X distros, but this more sort of falls under the hat of Ubuntu than anything else, so I believe I can be excused. Anyhow, I'll be doing my usual stuff, which is everything. Join me for a ride. Or as they say in French, tais-toi!

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