Opera 7.50 Preview 4 for Linux
Posted on: 04/14/2004 07:05 PM

Opera 7.50 Preview 4 for Linux has been released

=== Major Changes ===
* Continued User Interface Experimentation*
In our efforts to improve the user interface, there have been a couple more changes in this preview. The Personal bar has been reenabled by default, the Start panel has been replaced by a Search panel, and maximized panels and manage dialogs have been dropped in favor of manage pages/windows. There's also a new "New page" button on the Page bar that makes it easy to open a new page.

*Improved Opera Mail Resource Usage *
Opera Mail (the mail client formerly known as M2) has received lots of attention this time around. It should use less memory, require less time to start-up, and clean-up after itself better.

* Optimized Performance *
In our on-going effort to be "The fastest browser in the world," this release should start-up and exit faster. Doing routine user interface actions like toggling and resizing panels should also be faster.


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