openSUSE 11.2 Milestone 1 Released
Posted on: 04/24/2009 08:28 PM

openSUSE 11.2 Milestone 1 has been released

Lizard lovers, get ready to start your engines! The first milestone release for openSUSE 11.2 is now ready for your testing pleasure.

Please note: This is a milestone release. It’s for openSUSE contributors who want to use the release for testing and development (or want a sneak preview of the 11.2 release), but it is not for production use.

What’s New in 11.2 Milestone 1
The 11.2 milestone 1 includes a number of new packages and improvements to the base system that are in development:

Linux kernel 2.6.29
KDE 4.2.2
GNOME 2.26
Mono 2.4 3.1 beta 4
Xfce 4.6
Alsa 2.6.29
Samba 3.2.8

In addition, the live CDs now use LZMA compression and have German, French, Italian, Polish, and Russian translations. YaST’s Qt package manager now has a configurable view layout, and Zypp’s mirror handling should be more robust in this release. Ext4 is supported in this release, but not yet enabled for installation.

openSUSE 11.2 Milestone 1 Released

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