Posted on: 08/26/2004 01:04 PM build 1.3.1 has been released

This package contains Desktop integration work for, several back-ported features speedups, and a much simplified build wrapper, making an OO.o build / install possible for the common man. It is a staging ground for up-streaming patches to stock OO.o.

Changes in this release:

+ bug fixes
+ compile with cups enabled (Raul)
+ apostrophe autocompletion nasty (Ashwanth)
+ calc function precision problems (Mukund)
+ fix KDE cut/paste problems (Jan)
+ KDE missing icon fix (Jan)
+ Gnome bits
+ removed hard-coded VFS URI list (Shreyas)
+ gtk+ theme (re)fix (Martin)
+ fpicker filter selection (Raul)
+ fpicker crasher (Ashwanth)
+ Interop
+ .doc import crasher (Ashwanth)
+ fix unicode export to W95 (Caolan)
+ build fixes
+ parallel build cleans (Jan)
+ fix pipe / patch CRLF issues (David Fraser)
+ NAS/Win32 fix (Michael)
+ KDE fpicker fix (Jan)
+ icon remove problem (Jan)
+ features
+ CSV importer GUI re-work (Michael)
+ Wordperfect
+ importer merge (Michael, Will, wpd team)
+ file type auto-detection (Michael)
+ applied patch dir / tag separation (Jan)
+ VBA (Luiz)
+ bitshift operator
+ foreach functionality
+ make patch.unapply rule (Michael)
+ pending
+ full 1.1.3 support (Martin)


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