Posted on: 04/01/2004 06:07 AM build 1.1.52 has been released

This package contains the Gnome integration work for, and a much simplified build wrapper, making an OO.o build / install possible for the common man. It is a staging ground for up-streaming patches to OO.o.

The major change in this release is targetting OO.o 1.1.1, which includes a number of bug fixes - particularly a fix for the "occasionally you loose random images" nasty that people suffered too long.

Changes in this release:

+ bug fixes
+ calm beep mania on certain frame-sets (Michael)
+ crash-bindings re-backport fix (Michael)
+ fix excel debugging for Unix (Michael)
+ recent-files FMR (Julian Seward)
+ BUILD_SPECIAL workarounds (Michael)
+ build less of icu (Rene)
+ build fixes (Dan, Michael, Vivek)
+ Escher / PPT
+ deep nesting crasher bug (Michael)
+ hang on exported PPT (Sven Jacobi)
+ wrapper upgrade cleanly (Michael, Chris)

+ features
+ target 1.1.1 (Rene, Chris, Michael)
+ --with-ccache-allowed (Jan Holesovsky)
+ save-as right-click on images (Martin)
+ use system packages (Rene)
+ neon
+ Xrender
+ macros - Ximian-only [testing] (Michael)
+ import and execute large >64k macros
+ un-comment / execute macros by default
+ import / export Excel macro references
+ XL macro reference round-trip (Michael)
+ norwegian translation framework (Rene Gaute)

+ pending / in-progress
+ VBA macro export (Michael)
+ initial Win32 support (Vivek, Michael)
+ package scaled icons separately
+ get tools to handle \\\ (Ravi Kiran)
+ back-ported CUPS support (Chris)


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