nVidia Linux Display Drivers 1.0-7664
Posted on: 06/06/2005 07:57 AM

nVidia has released new Linux drivers

Release Highlights

* Added OpenGL 2.0 Support.
* Added initial support for Xinerama + OpenGL; see APPENDIX V in the text README.
* Added support for the EXT_framebuffer_object OpenGL extension.
* Added NV-CONTROL support for manipulating DDC/CI settings; see the AllowDDCCI X config option in the text README.
* Added support for GPU clock manipulation; see the "Coolbits" X config option documented in Appendix D.
* Added support for NVIDIA Quadro G-Sync.
* Added support for GeForce 6200 AGP.
* Improved DPMS behavior on flatpanels.
* Removed support for legacy GPUs; please see "Chapter 1. Selecting and Downloading the NVIDIA Packages for Your System" in the README for details.
* Install NVIDIA OpenGL headers by default.

Linux Display Driver - IA32

Linux Display Driver - AMD64/EM64T

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