New TORQUE Patches
Posted on: 05/28/2005 06:05 AM

SPANISH FORK, Utah – Cluster Resources, Inc. announced several new patches for TORQUE Resource Manager*, submitted by the user community. Some of the highlights of TORQUE's newest patches include:

TORQUE 1.2.0p4

-Extended “job prolog” to include jobname, resource, queue and account info (courtesy of University of Maine)
-Added support for Darwin 10.4 (courtesy of University of Maine)
-Fixed suspend/resume for MPI jobs
-Added support for epilog.precancel to enable local job cancellation handling
-Fixed build for case insensitive filesystems
-Fixed relative path based Makefiles for xpbsmom

TORQUE 1.2.0p3

-Enable multiple server to mom communication
-Fixed node reject message overwrite issue
-Enable pre-start node health check (Courtesy of BOEING)
-Fixed pid scanning for RHEL3 (Courtesy of VPAC)
-Added improved vmem/mem limit enforcement and reporting (Courtesy of UMU)
-Added submit filter return code processing to qsub

On behalf of the user community we would also like to thank all those not mentioned above who helped find and fix problems and test new patches. To learn more about TORQUE visit: To join TORQUE's user community go to:

* This product includes software developed by NASA Ames Research Center, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, and Veridian Information Solutions, Inc. Visit for OpenPBS software support, products, and information. TORQUE is neither endorsed by nor affiliated with Altair Grid Solutions, Inc.

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